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Industrial machines

Thermal insulation of industrial machinery is widely used in energy design, chemical and petroleum refinement, metallurgy, food industry, and other industries. Bronya ultra-thin thermal insulation coatings can also be used in industrial processes that take place at low temperatures or with cryogenic devices, as high-quality thermal insulation is emphasized in these cases. In addition to saving energy, the thermal insulation of production facilities also provides an opportunity to maintain predetermined process parameters, create safe working conditions and reduce the loss of volatile products stored in tanks.


Ultra-thin thermal insulation coatings Bronya Classic and Bronya Anticor are ideal for:

  • boilers
  • pumps
  • freezers
  • heat exchangers
  • steam boilers
  • gas pipelines
  • ventilation systems
  • exhaust chimneys
  • steam and gas turbines
  • hot water collection tanks
  • tanks for crude oil and petroleum products
  • for corrosion protection and thermal insulation of furnaces (melting furnaces, rotary furnaces, etc.).

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