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Pipes, pipelines and heat pipes

By applying Bronya ultra-thin heat insulation coatings, heat loss in pipes can be reduced by several factors. By using them, it is possible to completely replace traditional thermal insulation materials (glass wool, mineral wool, PU foam pipe covers, etc.). Coatings not only retain heat but also protect surfaces from overheating. They help maintain a constant temperature in pipes, where it is essential to maintain transported fluids at low temperatures. They are easy to maintain, minimizing insulation losses during planned maintenance or in the event of pipe leakage.


Ultra-thin bronya Classic and Bronya Anticor thermal insulation coatings are ideal for:

  • gas pipes
  • heating pipes
  • mains power supply
  • sewer pipes
  • pipes for rooms for heating water
  • for thermal insulation and corrosion protection of heating station pipes.

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