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Tanks, cisterns and containers

The primary function of thermal insulation of containers is protection against overheating. This can cause problems when storing petroleum products (petroleum, heating oil, gasoline, kerosene and motor oil). The use of ultra-thin Bronya coatings on tanks, cisterns and containers helps to reduce the temperature of external surfaces, thereby eliminating overheating of stored materials. Another task of thermal insulation of tanks is the reduction of heat losses, which our surface treatments minimize. The liquid state of our products also enables the isolation of complex, hard-to-access and assembled parts. They can be applied quickly with a spray gun, so the insulation can be solved easily.


Bronya Classic and Bronya Anticor ultra-thin thermal insulation coatings are ideal for:

  • tanks
  • battery containers
  • thermal degassers filled with hot water
  • for corrosion protection and thermal insulation of oil tanks (petroleum, heating oil, petrol, kerosene and motor oil)

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